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Back to Calendar January 27, 2013 – January 29, 2013 (all-day)
Where: Krasnapolsky Amsterdam
Dam Square 9
1012 JS Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Cost: EUR 495
Contact: Tara Zeravsky

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Monday 28 January 2013

Tuesday 29 January 2013

1. OTM Euro Conference Opening

We, OTM SIG board, are happy to announce the first European OTM User Conference. We’ve gone a long way to bring this conference nearer to a large number of OTM users in Europe. The yearly OTM User Conference in the U.S. is already well established since 2007, attracting an audience of almost 400 people. The European Conference is the excellent opportunity to bring together all European OTM users. We are sure that many of us have accumulated a lot of interesting topics for discussion, which we, as users could not discuss before together. The conference will bring together representatives of OTM clients from all over Europe and beyond: we have much in common, but each has its own unique specificity, their experience and approaches that will be interesting to other OTM users. The First European conference will bring together people from different areas of the business, so we are sure you’ll find interesting for you. Participation of Oracle and the leading consulting companies in the conference will allow discussing current issues and opportunities, as well as learning about new offers and developments.

One of the OTM SIG founders, Beth McLamb, has been instrumental to the organisation of this conference. She has chosen not to run in the most recent election cycle, and her presence will be deeply missed. In recognition of her past and present work for the OTM SIG, she has recently been recognized for her efforts with a lifetime achievement award by the remaining board members. Congratulations Beth and Thank you for all your hard work!

2. OTM Release 6.3 Overview

BIO. Mr. Derek Gittoes is Vice President, Logistics Product Strategy for Oracle’s Applications Division, where he is responsible for Oracle’s transportation management and global trade management products. Prior to joining Oracle in 2003, Mr. Gittoes was Vice President, Product Solutions at Global Logistics Technologies (G-Log), where he was responsible for product marketing. Mr. Gittoes was also a founder and Managing Director of Transport Dynamics, a company that specialized in the development of real-time optimization software for transportation companies. Mr. Gittoes holds a Master of Science in Engineering degree from Princeton University, and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering degree from the University of Manitoba.

ABSTRACT. This session will provide an overview of the key features provided in the latest release (6.3) of Oracle Transportation Management (OTM). Example feature topics include: mobility, network routing, shipunit building, user interface, technology improvements and more. This session will also cover updates to OTM documentation, training and general development updates, including how OTM and GTM Rollups for 6.3 will change in 2013 and beyond.

Download (PDF, 5.18MB)

3. OTM at Volvo (ATLAS)

onnl1630 BIO: Sven Börjeson, Chief Project Manager, Atlas Development Project – Volvo Group, Logistics Services. Sven Börjeson, Volvo Group Logistics Services, has more than 15 years of experience within global logistics. Sven has held various management positions within Volvo Group and also been responsible for projects in Europe, Russia, US, Brazil and Japan.
Leon Kohlen (Oracle) has over 20 years of experience in Logistics and Shipper business – operational and consulting and started at G-Log in Mar-’04 and worked before that 4,5 years at business management consultancy company PriceWaterhouseCoopers in Europe. Experience with 4 LSP companies implementing OTM in Europe and Australia. Broad industry knowledge in logistics and several industries (retail, logistics, automotive, high-tech, etc.) and has in depth application and industry knowledge of OTM and experienced in OTM-solution designing, plus experienced with solutions with other Oracle applications. Implemented also for 1 year at Volvo.

ABSTRACT: Volvo Europe went live July 2012 for the road inbound OTM project called “ATLAS”. ATLAS Release 4 is the first phase of two phases in total. The second phase will go live in 2013. ATLAS Release 4 is about Volvo’s inbound transports from European suppliers to Volvo plants via a road supply chain network of service provider cross-docks and direct deliveries. The first project phase will cover POC (Proof of Collection) and POD (Proof of Delivery) at first cross-dock in a European road supply chain network. Order Releases get planned into Order Movements and via OM bulkplan in OTM plant into collection shipments from supplier to first the first cross-dock. Actuals are updated at POC and POD. The second project phase covers the rest of the European road supply chain from first cross-dock via a Volvo cross-dock to the final Volvo plant. In the second phase will also integration be included as more visibility functionality and settlement related functionality. Besides the 2 mentioned phases Volvo is also studying and performing “deep-sea”-functionality and further global out-roll of ATLAS (OTM) like into APAC and South-America.

(no presentation available)

4. OTM and SOA

BIO: Mark Hagan has been a GLog/Oracle employee since Dec 2001 working as Technical Consulting Manager and Senior Technical Consultant until transferring to Product Development in July 2007. Currently works in the Technology area developing and supporting software for Integration, Workflow and Infrastructure.

ABSTRACT: Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) implementations are gaining popularity. OTM application integration with these implementations requires an increased level of support for industry standards; specifically Web Services Security (WSS). This presentation describes the WSS capabilities added to OTM v6.3 and how this differs from, and expands on previous support. It also discusses some potential future enhancements in this area (e.g. XML schema design).

Download (PDF, 571KB)

5. Taking control over transportation spend

BIO: Evgeniy Pospelov is the Specialist in Logistics Business Process Development for Kraft Foods Russia. Having graduated from Moscow State University with a degree in Applied Mathematics and Cybernetics, Evgeniy joined Kraft Foods Russia in 2008 as an Information Systems specialist. As part of the team responsible for Information Systems, Integration and Master Data Management, Evgeniy worked with his colleagues in Kraft Foods North America to define the OTM implementation plan for the Russian region. Having taken OTM live in June 2009, Evgeniy then took on the role of Project Manager for the second phase of implementation, which includes further development and deployment across the CIS region. In 2012 Evgeniy was elected as a board member of the OTM Special Interest Group (SIG) with responsibility for the European region activities.

ABSTRACT: In 2009 Kraft Foods Russia made the decision to implement professional transportation system to cover growing business needs. OTM was chosen as the most progressive system on the market. In a year Kraft covered all the transportation and logistics flows. The implementation allowed to control transportation, customs, warehouse and financial operations inside one system, making Kraft goods delivering transparent and easy-to-understand.

Download (PDF, 426KB)

6. OTM / SAP Integration Best Practice

BIO: Neil Hatcher has been delivering complex technical OTM deployments for more than 8 years. Neil has an operational IT background from DHL prior to joining MavenWire. He has significant knowledge and experience within OTM and has subsequently been the Architect for some of the largest OTM deployments.
Rob van Haaster is a long term Glogger, working with OTM in Europe for more than 8 years. Rob is a Functional Solution Architect working on global OTM projects. Prior to OTM Rob was an SAP R3 consultant. Rob is based in Belgium.

ABSTRACT: SAP have recently revised their integrations for connection to TMS. In this presentation we will walk through the best practice process’s that are now available to SAP / OTM users. We will walkthrough a couple of case studies and highlight the decision points for integration. The processes supported by SAP/OTM integration will also be relevant for OTM/EBS with Fusion and other ERP systems connecting to OTM.

Download (PDF, 3.09MB)

7. OTM Product Strategy

BIO. Mr. Derek Gittoes is Vice President, Logistics Product Strategy for Oracle’s Applications Division, where he is responsible for Oracle’s transportation management and global trade management products. Prior to joining Oracle in 2003, Mr. Gittoes was Vice President, Product Solutions at Global Logistics Technologies (G-Log), where he was responsible for product marketing. Mr. Gittoes was also a founder and Managing Director of Transport Dynamics, a company that specialized in the development of real-time optimization software for transportation companies. Mr. Gittoes holds a Master of Science in Engineering degree from Princeton University, and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering degree from the University of Manitoba.

ABSTRACT: This session will provide an overview of the go-to-market priorities and road map for Oracle Transportation Management (OTM). Example road map topics include: strategic network planning, shipment optimization, fleet management, freight rate management, import/export compliance, and others. This session will also discuss how Oracle works with its customers on future OTM product enhancements.

Download (PDF, 2.99MB)

8. Forum Panel Discussion “OTM Product Stategy for non-US Businesses”

Panel discussion by Derek Gittoes (Oracle), John Love (Gray Peaks), David Vokins (MavenWire) and Mohamed Riaz (Mahindra Satyam)

9. OTM self help and information about OTM support

onnl1923 BIO: Elisabeth Plessis has over 14 years of support experience with Transportation software. She has been a G-Log/Oracle employee since June 2004 working as a Support Manager, initially setting up the European Support office with G-Log and then taking over the global support management for OTM under Oracle.

ABSTRACT: A review on how to investigate issues and understand how to read the OTM logs. How to get the most out of MOS and work efficiently with Support.

Download (PDF, 1.56MB)

10. Data Management for Dummies

BIO: Lourens Andriesse has nine years of experience in all phases of pre-sales, design, development, and implementation of OTM in Americas, Europe and Australia. He is skilled in a large variety of activities, from executive briefings and presentations, full scale project management, facilitating sessions for process designs and business requirement definitions, mentoring new consultants up to coding SQL. Lourens holds a Master’s Degree in Engineering and brings an extensive knowledge about the logistics industry.

ABSTRACT: “OTM is like a Ferrari, but the fuel is pumped with a dripper”. These were the words of one of the presenter’s first client complaining about the time-consuming rate loading process. The presentation will unveil the audience the mystery about OTM Data Management, or rather, how to get your data in and out of OTM. The better you understand how OTM stores its data, the better you are able to manage it yourself with simple tools and you learn to appreciate the sophisticated third party tools that are offered today. If you don’t know what SQL, UTF-8, CSV stands for, then you’re exactly where the presenter was eight years ago, and he’ll lead you by the hand using real examples. After having seen the presentation, you won’t be a Data Management guru, but at least you’re able to understand what these chaps are talking about.

Download (PDF, 800KB)

11. Convert Waste into Value using OTM

BIO: Naval Sabharwal heads the Transportation and Logistics solutions group. Naval is a post graduate in Material Management and has over 28 years of experience in Supply Chain and Logistics operations and consulting business. He has worked in various companies like Safexpress, Reliance Logistics, Anantara Solutions, Unipart Logistics etc. Naval has served in the Logistics stream of the Indian Air Force for 20 years with varied responsibilities to design and provide end to end supply chain services.

ABSTRACT: This is a bout between Mr. TIMWOOD in the blue corner and Mr. OTM in the red corner. Mr. TIMWOOD has knocked out many opponents and has an unbeatable record. Mr. TIMWOOD is a virus who eats into all the hard-work that Transportation managers put into their business. He is not visible and his stealth features makes it difficult to detect him while the Transport managers feel its negative impact daily. He is immune to majority of anti-virus and tends to hide when it is attacked and then hits back with vengeance. Mr. TIMWOOD is WASTE. Value stream maps of transportation operations reveal that nearly 70%-85% of the activities in transportation operations are non-value added caused Mr. TIMWOOD. These 7 wastes are: Transportation which is excess is waste, Inventory held due to delayed move is waste, Motion of people who undertake monotonous work is waste, Waiting of inventory is waste, Over production by deploying higher capacity is waste, Over Processing by repeating the same activity is waste, and Defects due to errors as a result of inadequate & accurate inputs is waste. Mr. OTM has capabilities not just to knock out Mr. TIMWOOD but also create security fences. With Mr. TIMWOOD out the non-value added activities reduce drastically which has not just a direct impact on improvement of On time and In Full transportation performance but also major savings of $$$$$.

Download (PDF, 1.56MB)

12. Proof of Delivery OTM Mobililty Solution

Transportation Management has become a complex process involving worldwide networks of shippers and logistics service providers moving raw materials, parts, and finished goods through a global supply chain. This combined with ever increasing demands from customers for greater efficiency, necessitates greater accuracy, speed, and flexibility to manage all aspects of your supply chain.
OTM Customers are fighting slow cash flows and customer satisfaction issues that stem from having limited visibility of shipments once they leave the warehouse. However companies are reluctant to mobilize business processes due to the complexities of integrating disparate systems and ensuring the solution works offline—issues that strain IT departments with limited resources.
During this presentation and live demonstration DSI will highlight some of the issues organisations and customers face and how Proof of Delivery for Oracle Transportation management addresses these issues.
dcLINK® MOBILEApps™ Proof of Delivery (ePOD) is a ready-to-use mobile application from DSI that significantly reduces the order-to-cash cycle. The solution has prebuilt integrations into OTM to expedite the implementation process and features an electronic signature capture so shipments are confirmed and validated at the point of delivery. The captured signature is automatically updated into the client record and this can instantaneously trigger customer billing or supplier payments in the back-end system. These real-time updates allow companies to proactively address issues with pending shipments and notify customers of scheduling changes in advance, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction. ePOD for OTM also works offline, so delivery personnel have accurate, up-to-date shipment information regardless of network connectivity. The off-network feature provides access to the full complement of application functionality, enabling drivers to complete transactions in a disconnected state. MOBILEApps Proof of Delivery was built using dcLINK, DSI’s flagship mobile application development platform. dcLINK supports the newest capabilities of iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile operating systems so employees can harness the full power of their mobile devices. The platform’s seamless integrated development environment (IDE) accelerates the design of mobile applications and enables technical and non-technical resources to rapidly modify evolving processes.
DSI is an Oracle Platinum Partner and is the leading enterprise mobility solution provider for Oracle enterprise applications.

13. Implications of the European Commission’s Freight Transportation Priorities for 2050

BIO: F&L is a neutral non-profit forum, registered in Brussels in 1994, which brings together a wide range of companies across Council of Europe 47 territory to discuss and debate supply chain issues. F&L is not a lobby group, although we do have relationships with a wide range of organisations who are interested in the outcomes of our discussions. The F&L Think Tank is a permanent group composed of frequently changing shippers and transport providers for each mode. Their role is to stimulate discussion and to give updates at F&L meetings on topics including supply versus demand, innovation, new technology and legislation. Group members are not politicians or lobbyists, but senior executives representing major companies in industry. For more information: www.europeanfreightleaders.eu.
Martin Kvych (Director LKW-Walter Internationale Transportorganisation AG) directs the R&D group at market leading company LKW-Walter and since 2001 has been in charge of European Key Account Management. An expert in the consumer goods industry, Mr Kvych is an active member of different European industry groups with a supply chain and transportation background. He has extensive operational and sales experience across Europe and a degree from Vienna Business School.
Armand Toubol (Vice-President New Opera AISBL, Honorary Member European Freight and Logistics Leaders Forum), is a proven expert in the rail freight and logistics business. He has been Freight Director of SNCF, Executive Board Member of SNCF for 10 years, Board Member of GEODIS, ERMEWA and TRANSFESA, Chairman of CNC, Chief Executive Officer of SNCF, part of Sealink, Director of Dunkirk Port Authority and Vice-Chairman of Intercontainer/Interfrigo. Today, Armand works as a consultant and is involved in different national and international research activities. Mr Toubol has been Chairman of PREDIT (French programme of research, experimentation and innovation in land transport) and responsible for transport technology. He is a member of the Scientific Committee for the French freight model elaborated by RFF and is leading the European Marathon project for long trains.
Philippe Robert is currently Operations Manager at GEFCO, involved in road and rail transportation. He has been Project Leader where he re-engineered the rail flows for cars transportation in Europe – this was considered by the international press as a major breakthrough in the French rail landscape. His experience also includes Assets Manager (wagons and trucks) and Reusable Packaging Operations Manager where he conducted overhaul of industrial sites in Europe. Past work includes maintenance and production management roles for metal, chemical and pharmaceutical industries , and IT projects leadership. Philippe has MBA and MS Manufacturing Engineering degrees from universities in the USA and France, and holds dual citizenship from Australia and France.

ABSTRACT: At the Oracle conference, the group will provide a very brief overview of the White Paper 2011. The goal of the White Paper is to enhance European competitiveness and with this in mind, the group will discuss some of the key aspects of the White Paper for industry such as: sustainability, innovation, dedicated freight corridors and terminals, harmonisation and financing.

Download (PDF, 2.54MB)

14. OTM as a Service Differentiator

BIO: Joshua Lim has more than 12 years working experience in both supply chain management and information technology. He has serviced clients from various industries (Electronics, Automotive, Locomotive, Apparel) and has working experience in manufacturing, sales & distribution, freight forwarding, warehouse management and consolidation management. Currently with APL Logistics, Joshua is responsible for business process re-engineering and IT transformation.

ABSTRACT: Learn how APL Logistics is differentiating itself from competitors using Oracle OTM. Using process automation, Oracle’s planning algorithm and APLL’s operation expertise, APLL has innovated a product which change the way large freight buyers coordinate their transportation activities and react swiftly to ever changing supply chain situations

Download (PDF, 1.16MB)

15. 3-Dimensional Load Configurator Functionality

BIO: Pam Vivio has been working with the OTM application since 2001. She was one of the original G-Log employees. She has worked with companies throughout the U.S. and Asia, sharing her product knowledge and best practices from dozens of OTM clients. Pam was instrumental in the development of OTM’s 3D Load Configurator functionality, acting as a liaison between Oracle Product Development and her client, Sears Corporation. Pam currently works for Capgemini Consulting and is based in Michigan.

ABSTRACT: This session will provide a simplified overview of configuring OTM to take advantage of the 3D Load Configurator functionality. Attendees will learn the advantages of using 3D Load Configurator functionality as well as the new features.

Download (PDF, 1.2MB)

16. Significance of a Veritable Change Management in an OTM Project

onnl1753 BIO: Dr. Ing. Stephanie Nagel-Heyer (lead): 2004: Graduation (Dr. Ing.), Technical University Hamburg. 2005 – 2007: Project manager at Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services GmbH, Hamburg, department Operations Engineering. 2008 – now: Section manager at Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services GmbH, Hamburg, department Information Technology
Esther Serwaa Poku: 2011: Degree (B.A.), University of Applied Science Mittweida. 2011 – now: project manager at Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services GmbH, Hamburg, department Information Technology and Sub Project lead “Change Management” in an OTM project

ABSTRACT: By implementing OTM there are several side changes to look at. Next to organizational changes, there is often impact on customers, on operational procedures and on the number of employees (e.g. personnel reduction or personnel construction). The employee itself for example, who has to deal with those changes, is forgotten most of the time. Nevertheless, the human factor is thereby a key for the success of a project and has particularly impact on the economic success, as well as other different stakeholder who have the power to influence the progress of a project. Thus active management of the change process is getting more and more important. By using the example of the current OTM implementation project of Lufthansa Technik Logistik, concrete change management methods and tools and their advantages and disadvantages will be explained. A self-developed seven step change management model for IT projects will be presented, which includes for example a stakeholder analysis, which serves as a base for the recommendation of suitable change management tools, an in between review and a final success verification.

(no presentation available)

17. Achieving Maturity in OTM Implementation

BIO: Neil Hatcher has been delivering complex technical OTM deployments for more than 8 years. Neil has an operational IT background from DHL prior to joining MavenWire. He has significant knowledge and experience within OTM and has subsequently been the Architect for some of the largest OTM deployments.

ABSTRACT: An insight into OTM data needs for initial load, migration and production maintenance.

Download (PDF, 805KB)


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