Agenda posted for 2015 OTM Conference APAC

10-11 DECEMBER 2015

Agenda 10 December 2015

08:45-09:30 Registration open
09:15-09:30 Welcome and opening address from OTM SIG Board
09:30-09:45 Sponsor Presentations
09:45-10:45 OTM/GTM Product Development update by Derek Gittoes (Oracle)
10:45-11:15 Coffee break & Networking
11:15-12:00 OTM-SAP Integration by Vivek Sharma (Unilever)
12:00-12:45 Complex rates configuration in OTM implementation by Shreenivasan Sukumar (Infosys)
12:45-14:00 Lunch & Networking
14:00-14:45 OTM 6.4 Overview by Srini Rajagopal (Oracle)
14:45-15:30 Change Management for OTM by Sam Woodcock (MavenWire)
15:30-16:00 Coffee break & Networking
16:00-16:45 Asian Paints Journey on OTM by Rajgopal Nayak (Asian Paints)
16:45-17:30 TBD
17:30-19:00 After event drinks & Networking

Agenda 11 December 1015

08:45-09:00 Registration open
09:00-09:45 Global Trade Management by Ashok Kalidindi (Oracle)
09:45-10:30 TBD
10:30-11:00 Coffee break & Networking
11:00-11:45 Planning Capability Overview in 6.4 by Vasantha Payyavula (Oracle)
11:45-12:15 TBD
12:15-12:30 Closing address from OTM SIG Board

Times and topics subject to change


The OTM SIG Board invites you to submit your paper for the conference, as we still have some openings in the agenda. The presentation should take 45 minutes including a 10 minute Q&A session.

Topics of interest are 3D Container Load Plan, Cross Border Intermodal Shipments, Shipment Planning Capabilities, Freight Forwarding Rates, FTI, ADF, Global Trade Management, Integration & Middleware, OTM Upgrades, Implementation Challenges and Customer success stories

Submit your paper ASAP

OTM SIG Board Elections – Help Lead Your Industry as a Board Member

Help Lead Your Industry as a Board Member for the Oracle Transportation Management Special Interest Group (OTM SIG)

Call for Candidates Submission Deadline: Midnight EST, November 10, 2015

The OTM SIG invites you to join your colleagues and contemporaries to represent a collective membership of professionals dedicated to promoting, shaping and leading the future of Oracle Transportation Management. As an OTM SIG Board Member, you join a dedicated team of professionals working together to:

  • Help promote the ideals and activities of the OAUG in the region
  • Enable communication with Oracle on direction and strategy
  • Share information and experiences among users, managers, and IT professionals
  • Be a conduit for recommended enhancements to Oracle products or processes
  • Facilitate conferences, training and education among the user community
  • Provide representation for the OTM SIG at national and local events

The Call for Candidates

The OTM SIG bylaws authorize 13 voting members, 5 non-voting members, and 1 Oracle liaison on the Board of Directors. OTM SIG members elect 18 representatives to the Board of Directors from a slate of current, active members. The 2015 election will contain 9 open seats. Directors serve staggered, two-year terms. Directors represent the OTM SIG membership at large on policy issues, relations with Oracle Corporation, conference planning and overall user affairs.

OTM SIG Board Organization

The OTM SIG Board positions include:

  • 7 Americas Client positions, 3 Americas Partner/Consultancy positions
  • 6 APAC/EMEA Client positions, 2 APAC/EMEA Partner/Consultancy positions
  • 1 Oracle Liaison

A Board Chair for Americas and EMEA/APAC is elected by the OTM SIG board following each election. Preference will be given to a board member that has served at least one year. In the best interest of the OTM SIG and in order to maintain the focus of the user-based community, the chair role is limited to client candidates.

APAC/EMEA positions will focus on outreach in the APAC/EMEA regions in order to gain a global presence with the OTM SIG.

OTM SIG Board Openings for the 2015 election

To ensure continuity of the OTM SIG direction and strategy, we do not replace our entire board membership at the same time. Rather, every year a portion of the board is re-elected. Regular participation in quarterly conference calls is required as well attendance at weekly board meetings and more frequent meetings leading up to our annual conference. This averages to approximately 4-6 volunteer hours per month and is essential for the board to function properly and to be successful in all of its endeavors. The board may have one annual planning meeting per year prior to the OTM Conference.

  • 3 Americas Client positions (2-year term), 2 Americas Partner/Consultancy position
  • 3 APAC/EMEA Client positions, 1 APAC/EMEA Partner/Consultancy position

Application Process

If you would like to help shape the future direction of the OTM SIG, please include the following information in an e-mail or Word document and submit via e-mail to Molly Whobrey, Geo/SIG Manager, at geo-sig@oaug.org no later than 11:59pm ET November 10, 2015

  • Name:
  • Company:
  • Address:
  • Email Address:
  • Contact Phone:
  • Candidate Biography:
  • Photo (optional)

Please reference “OTM SIG BOD Election Nomination” in your e-mail subject line.

Biography Guidelines

Candidate biographies are limited to a total of 250 words or fewer. We encourage the use of bulleted lists within your biographical submission to assist the voting members during their review of the ballot. The inclusion of a photograph with your submission is optional.

Please include in your biography:

  • Why you are running for the OTM SIG Board of Directors and what you can contribute to the organization
  • A description of your leadership and strategic planning skills
  • Previous volunteer contributions to the OAUG or other user groups

Special Notes / Requirements / Qualifications

OTM SIG Board Guidelines

  • Both Partner/Consultancy and Oracle Liaison role are non-voting positions.
  • Oracle liaisons will assist the board as requested.
  • Board meetings will normally be held each Friday at 11:00 am eastern standard time. The APAC/EMEA Board meets biweekly at 06:00 AM GMT.
  • Board positions are granted to an individual not a company and may not be substituted by individual board members.
  • In the event the chair is unable to meet specified requirements, the board will appoint a new chair to fulfill those requirements through the end of the term.
  • In the event a board member is unable to hold their position the voting results will be consulted and the person for the vacated role with the next highest results will be invited to join the board.
  • In the event board member transitions to a new company; the board member will have 90 days from the time of vacating their company to secure a position that meets the board member criteria. If a new position is not secured, the voting results will be consulted and the person for the vacated role with the next highest results will be invited to join the board. The balance of client/consultancy must be maintained at all times.

Electoral Process

  • The electoral process will follow the guidelines set by OAUG; Elections to be held every year with alternating expiring seats. The election process will be fully managed by OAUG in compliance with OAUG bylaws.
  • Elections will be held annually with:
    • Odd Years – 3 client seats and 2 partner/consultancy seats will become available (2015, 2017 etc.)
    • Even Years – 4 client seats and 1 partner/consultancy seat will become available (2016,2018 etc.)
    • APAC/EMEA – 3 client seats and 1 partner/consultancy seat will become available each year.
  • Clients and Partners/Consultancies may hold only 1 seat per company per region.
  • The OTM SIG board reserves the right to review results and ensure election guidelines are upheld in the case of a discrepancy.
  • Terms are defined as beginning with the first OTM SIG voting cycle in December of 2007. Additionally, a term is defined as a board member serving more than half of the term.
  • Oracle will have one liaison per region present on the board to be appointed by the Oracle OTM Product Leadership team.
  • Elections will end at midnight December 2, 2015. The OAUG will tally all votes and provide information about the newly elected board members by close of business on December 9, 2015.

Election Guidelines

Several changes have been made to the electoral process to ensure that the OTM SIG remains an independent, user-driven board. The following voting requirements have been implemented to ensure that the election is fair and not skewed by any single company:

  • Voting shall be restricted to individuals that meet the following guidelines:
    • Registered OTM SIG member at the time the election begins (midnight November 16, 2015)
    • Employee of a company that is designated as a current or future end user of Oracle Transportation Management. Consulting companies, including Oracle, and Software Providers will be ineligible to vote.
  • Ballots will be sent to email addresses of individuals that are current OTM SIG members and will include a voting key. Voting keys are a unique identifier that ensures only you can vote and that the vote can only be submitted once.
  • Based on the honor system, the first question asked on the ballot will be “Is your company a current or future end user of OTM?” , a no answer will be our flag to eliminate the vote from the tally.
  • Voters will enter their name/company/and email address on the ballot, when the election is closed, those who answered no to the end user question will be thrown out. Board members will also review the results and have the right to throw out votes that do not meet the guidelines.

We look forward to receiving your response. Please contact Molly Whobrey, Geo/SIG Manager, at geo-sig@oaug.org, at or +1 404.760.2826 if you have any questions.

OTM SIG User Community Newsletter, October 2014

OTM SIG User Community Newsletter October 2014, Vol. 2014, Issue 10


Singapore Conference Agenda is Available Online

The agenda for the 2014 OTM User Conference in Singapore has been posted online. Please visit the conference website to register for only USD $60 and check out the agenda with very interesting presentations and sessions from clients and partners in APAC. Due to the high interest so far, there are only 20 passes left so please register as soon as possible to ensure your attendance.

The OTM SIG Board has organized this conference in Singapore on 27-28 October 2014, which is the inaugural OTM event in APAC to better serve the region. Key representatives from OTM Strategy and Development, including Derek Gittoes (Oracle VP Logistics Product Strategy), will attend this conference and various partners in OTM’s network will sponsor the event. This conference will be an addition to the yearly OTM conferences in Philadelphia and Europe.

Mark your calendars and make plans to attend this all-important, informative and educational conference.

US Quarterly Webinar: ASN-Driven Automated Inbound Dock Scheduling

Join the OTM SIG for their next quarterly webinar, ASN-Driven Automated Inbound Dock Scheduling, on Tuesday, October 14, from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. EDT.

Reserve your webinar seat now. After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

This webinar will provide an overview of the approach on the substitution of current manual appointment scheduling process with a fully automated one utilizing OTM.

The Appointment Scheduling team utilizes OTM for scheduling an average of 250 appointments/POs (Purchase Order) per business day. This includes Inbound Prepaid and Collect, Direct Import Domestic transfers and Direct Import International.

The shipments/POs being scheduled include the inventory Office Depot sells in its stores or keeps on hand for ecommerce orders as well as for internal supplies.

The Legacy Business Process for scheduling prior to OTM was driven by email communications or reports. Appointments based on slot preferences as agreed by the facility (DC or XD) and it is generally based on product and commodity types.

Benefits with OTM-based Appointment Management

  • KPIs and Custom Reports

    Inbound visibility report, appointment scheduling report per PO, load planning reports for the warehouses, reports for Audit and Data research, and several more.

  • Lessons Learned

    ASN data accuracy and timing, carriers requests for future appointments or last minute changes to appointments, carrier request for PO add-ons with no ASN support documentation, managing backorders, warehouse planning and rollout schedules.

  • End to End User Training

    Training Appointment Scheduler Admins and Planners Warehouse Planners training. Training from UAT to Go Live.

Update on current rollout success.

Speaker: Loy Haston, Sr. Manager, Transportation Management Systems, Office Depot

Regional Quarterly Call

EMEA/APAC OTM SIG Webinar November 2014: Lenta (Russia)

Tuesday 18 November 2014

Time: 05:00 New York, 10:00 UTC/London, 11:00 Paris, 12:00 Istanbul, 13:00 Moscow, 15:30 Mumbai, 18:00 Singapore, 21:00 Sydney

Join EMEA/APAC OTM SIG monthly webinar on 18 November to hear the story of OTM implementation in Lenta. Lenta is one of the largest retail chains in Russia and the country’€™s second largest hypermarket chain.

OTM SIG Board Elections: Help Lead Your Industry as a Board Member!

The OTM SIG invites you to join your colleagues and contemporaries to represent a collective membership of professionals dedicated to promoting, shaping and leading the future of Oracle Transportation Management. As an OTM SIG Board Member, you join a dedicated team of professionals working together to:

  • Help promote the ideals and activities of the OAUG in the region
  • Enable communication with Oracle on direction and strategy
  • Share information and experiences among users, managers, and IT professionals
  • Be a conduit for recommended enhancements to Oracle products or processes
  • Provide feedback to Oracle from the user community
  • Facilitate conferences, training and education among the user community
  • Provide representation for the OTM SIG at national and local events
  • Active engagement to promote SIG community growth

The time commitment is about two (2) hours per week. If you have questions about elections or being a candidate, please join the October 14 Americas quarterly call or contact any board member. A list of current board members is available on the OTM SIG website.

Calendar of Events

  • US Quarterly CallTuesday, October 14, 2014
  • Singapore ConferenceOctober 27, 2014
  • EMEA/APAC Quarterly CallNovember 18, 2014

OTM SIG Conference 2013 Report


Once again we have wrapped up another very successful OTM SIG Conference thanks to all of OTM users, developers, consultants and OTM related groups that attended and shared ideas and presentations.  The conference took place July 28 – 31 in downtown Philadelphia and consisted of 36 different OTM/GTM-related sessions, eight open forums, 13 sponsor presentations, two general sessions featuring Development updates from Jim Mooney and Derek Gittoes .  We had 339 attendees at this year’s event along with 26 event sponsors.  This year in particular we had more users of OTM presenting then in the past and we hope this trend will continue.  Presentations from the event are now posted on the OTM SIG website.

This year we added a mobile device to the event offering.  We received a lot of great feedback on it as it provided information on attendees, maps, agenda and survey tools.

Our reception was a fantastic night aboard Mushulu, a floating restaurant on Philadelphia’s Penn’s Landing.  Everyone had a great opportunity to network and enjoy refreshments outside.

Vince Papale delivered the key note speech.  He is a former player for the Philadelphia Eagles who made the team after an open tryout.  He talked about determination and reaching goals.  Vince Papale was the subject of the 2006 Disney movie Invincible.  This speaker was well received especially by our Philadelphia Eagles fans!

Next years conference is already in the plans.  Mark your calendars for August 10 – 13, 2014 at the Loews Philadelphia Hotel once again.  We hope to see you all back again!

Presentations are available for download here.


OTM SIG Americas Call January 15, 2013 11:00 EST

Click here for the event and add it to Outlook.

Please join us at 11am ET on January 15th for the quarterly call.  For the first half of the call Caleb Warner, Board president will be discussing the results of the Board Election as we welcome and  introduce the new board members – Terrell Brown from Exel/DHL and Ryan Oswald from ConAgra Foods, and our re-elected members Caleb Warner from RockTenn, Brenda Sorensen from Kraft, and George Moser from Hitachi Consulting.  In addition we will spend some time talking about the existing board and their roles and responsibilities as well as upcoming events.

The second half of the call will be facilitated by Chris Peckham of Product Strategy.  He will be covering the highlights and features of version 6.3.  This highly anticipated version has just been released!  This robust new release contains new functionality and enhancements throughout OTM and GTM including the following buckets.  Our plan for the call is to focus primarily on OTM product additions and enhancements as we will have thirty minutes.  In the future we plan to have a call on GTM where we can dig into the 6.3 new functionality and perhaps a customer use case.

Innovation -

  • GTM: Oracle Customs Management (new product)
  • GTM: License management
  • Fleet: Map enhancements, planning, business intelligence
  • Mobile support: carrier execution, visibility, BI


  • Optimization: Multi-Tier Network, Ship Unit Planning
  • Document Management
  • Parcel & Rail (Demurrage)
  • Sourcing – Flexible bid model with new rate attributes

User Experience -

  • GTM: Restricted Party Screening Workbench
  • FTI: Re-organized catalog, ODI and OBIEE 11g
  • UI configuration, Advanced Layout changes
  • FlexFields on all major objects

Dial-In Info

  • Toll Free (US and Canada): 1-888-583-1347
  • Direct: +1 334-323-3437
  • International Toll-Free UIFN: 800-1234-2222
  • Meeting Number: *8687555* (preceded and followed by the * key)


OTM 6.3 Overview slides


OTM SIG Web Conferencing System


URL: www.otmsig.com/meet



Guest Passcode: 189 653 9651

USA: 1-719-325-2630
Canada, Calgary: +1 403 407 5780
Canada, Montreal: +1 514 669 5909
Canada, Toronto: +1 416 915 3615
Canada, Vancouver: +1 604 205 5118
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2013 OTM SIG Election Results

We are pleased to announce the 2013 OTM SIG Election Results. We truly appreciate your participation. We have an exciting year ahead of us and need a strong board to help the conferences, quarterly calls, and updated website all come together!

Terrell Brown, Exel/DHL (newly elected)
Terrell is the Director, Solutions Delivery team and responsible for all implementations of OTM in North America. She has been with Exel for 15 years and has been implementing OTM for 13 years. She is responsible for the planning and strategic paths for all OTM projects or product development for Exel, and I manage a team that interfaces both with IT and Operations. Terrell has attended every SIG conference that has been held and will be able to provide great input from a customer and seasoned users perspective.

Ryan Oswald, ConAgra Foods, Inc. (newly elected)
Ryan Oswald is a Senior Transportation Analyst at ConAgra Foods. He has been in the transportation industry for the past eight years and the past five years at ConAgra Foods. For the past three years he has focused on their OTM project. In his current role he sits between the business and IT supporting OTM. He has attended the OTM SIG Conference the past two years. In 2012, he presented on ConAgra Foods’ implementation journey.

Brenda Sorensen, Kraft Foods Group, Inc. (re-elected)
Brenda Sorensen was re-elected ot the board in this election. She has 16 years of supply chain experience, with 12 years dedicated to the Transportation function. She has been working with OTM since late 2004, when Kraft started its transition to Oracle for a TMS. Today she holds the role of Senior Manager of Transportation Optimization, with Kraft’s OTM configuration resources and Transportation best practices resources among her staff.
Brenda has been a member of the OTM SIG Board of directors for 3 years, and has helped to create some very effective conferences. In addition to presenting multiple times at past conferences, one major contribution that she brought to the conference is the idea for the “open forum” sessions to help facilitate discussion among smaller groups in the community.

Caleb Warner, RockTenn Company (re-elected)
Caleb has been an active member of the board for the last 5 years serving for 3 years as Chairman of the Board and 2 as Exiting Chairman. He recently took the position of TMS Specialist at RockTenn where he can leverage the skills he gained in OTM from his 5 years of experience with Baillie Lumber and most recently 2 years with Sears. Caleb has been very instrumental over the past 5 years in shaping the OTM SIG and coordinating 5 extremely successful conferences.

George Moser, Hitachi Consulting (re-elected)
George is a Senior Manager at Hitachi Consulting and has more than 19 years of transportation, logistics, warehouse, and manufacturing management experience. His areas of concentration are in transportation and logistics performance assessment, production planning and control, business process improvement, warehouse management, and enabling technology implementation. George has been a member of the OTM SIG Board since 2009. As a board member George has maintained the OTM SIG website for the past year as well as facilitated multiple presentations at the OTM SIG User Conferences.

A full list of Board Members can be viewed here.

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