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Year Event Description
2017 Webinar March: Loading the truck using 3D load config
2016 Conference 2016 OTM CONFERENCE
Webinar April: Panduit OTM Transformation
Conference 2016 OTM Conference Europe (Malmö)
Webinar January EMEA/APAC: Collaboration with Service Providers
Webinar January: OTM 6.4 and 6.4.1 Overview
2015 Conference 2015 OTM Conference APAC (Singapore)
Webinar September EMEA/APAC: OTM/GTM 6.4 Functional Overview
Conference 2015 OTM CONFERENCE
Webinar June EMEA/APAC: BlueScope OTM 6.3 Upgrade Experience
Conference 2015 OTM Euro Conference
Webinar January: OTM 6.3 Network Routing
2014 Conference 2014 OTM Conference Singapore
Webinar September EMEA/APAC: UPM – Plug-and-Play Carrier Connectivity
Conference 2014 OTM CONFERENCE
Webinar June EMEA/APAC: Dell Inc. – Lessons learned on new OTM implementation
Conference 2014 OTM Euro Conference
Webinar February: Oracle In-Memory Logistics Command Center Solution
Webinar January EMEA/APAC: OTM usage within DHL
2013 Webinar October EMEA/APAC: IVECO Control Tower
Webinar October: Oracle TOI Changes by Julie Poindexter (Oracle)
Conference 2013 OTM CONFERENCE
Webinar July EMEA/APAC: Implementing OTM across large global organizations
Webinar April EMEA/APAC: Oracle GTM in Europe
Quarterly Call April: OTM Support and TOI's
Webinar February EMEA/APAC: DHL's SCI
Conference 2013 OTM Euro Conference
Quarterly Call January: Board election results and OTM 6.3 new features
2012 Conference 2012 OTM Conference
Webinar November EMEA/APAC: POD mobility solution by DSI
Quarterly Call July: AVON implementation of OTM
2011 Conference 2011 OTM Conference


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